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Orland Park Child Support Attorneys

When married couples are seeking a divorce, there are many issues that must be handled concerning children in a family. The Orland Park law office of Anderson & Associates, P.C. is focused on creating equitable and enforceable legal solutions for our clients’ family law issues. Our attorneys are experienced in resolving child support and child custody disagreements in a professional manner.

How is Child Support Determined?

Whether there is sole custody or joint custody in a family situation, the parent a child resides with is considered the residential custodial parent. Custodial parents are entitled to monetary payments to help with expenses for a child’s care and welfare. Each parent is required to contribute to the support and care of their children. Unique circumstances of each custody situation dictate support awards.

Minimum amounts of money, to be paid by the supporting parent, are outlined in Illinois law (750 ILCS 5/505):

  • One child = 20% of net income
  • Two children = 28% of net income
  • Three children = 32% of net income
  • Four children = 40% of net income
  • Five children = 45% of net income
  • Six or more children = 50% of net income

These amounts are guidelines, and may be adjusted to accommodate the best interests of the children or other mitigating circumstances. Our firm has over thirty years of experience working with parents to find agreeable child support payments.

Enforcing Child Support

If the parent paying child support fails to do so or is late with payments, we can assist you with enforcement of a child support order or judgment. Non-payment of child support can result in wage garnishment or even jail time. The severity of the penalty depends on the situation, but failure to pay child support is a serious offense. If you are not receiving child support payments in full, or not at all, we can help you find a solution to handle the matter. We can also assist with interstate support issues.

On the other hand, if you are the noncustodial parent and cannot pay child support due to changes in employment, health, or other circumstances, we can assist you with post decree modifications and other strategies to make sure you are not punished for life events outside of your control. Communication is key for both parental parties in order to maintain financial stability for children.

Modifying a Child Support Decision

To request a child support modification, you must have proof that a significant change has occurred that impacts your ability to pay a previously set amount. Child support payments may increase or decreased due to conditions including:

  • A significant change in the health of the supporting parent or child
  • A change in income or employment status for the supporting parent
  • A change in the needs of a child

We can help initiate and solidify a post decree child support modification so that the amount is properly adjusted. Child support is in place for the well-being of children and our firm does all we can to ensure their protection. We stand up for those who cannot convey their needs and take pride in being a fair and professional law firm in every family law situation.

If you are in need of child support assistance, contact Anderson & Associates, P.C. to schedule a free initial consultation. We have offices located in Orland Park, Chicago, Schaumburg, and Wheaton.