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Orland Park Child Support Attorneys

When married couples are planning to divorce, many issues concerning any children of the family must be resolved. The Orland Park law office of Anderson & Associates, P.C. is focused on creating equitable and enforceable solutions for our clients’ family law issues. Our attorneys are experienced in resolving child support and child custody disagreements in a professional manner.

Determining Child Support Following Changes to Illinois Family Law in 2017

As of July 2017, some major changes to the Illinois Child Support Law have gone into effect. The most significant change to the law is in the way that Illinois courts will calculate the amount of child support that a non-custodial parent will pay to a custodial parent. Under the previous law, the court used an antiquated model for calculating child support based on a fixed percentage of the supporting parent’s income. The new law effectively dismantles that model and replaces it with an income sharing model that takes a variety of factors into account, including the level of parenting time and parental responsibilities each parent has, as well as the net income of both parents.

Enforcing a Child Support Order

If the parent paying child support is late making payments or fails to pay child support altogether, we can assist you with enforcement of a child support order or judgment. Non-payment of child support can result in wage garnishment or even jail time. The severity of the penalty depends on the individual situation, but failing to pay child support is a serious offense. If you are not receiving your child support payments in full, or your ex-spouse is not paying child support at all, our attorneys can help you receive the financial support your children need. We can also assist with any interstate support issues that may arise.

On the other hand, if you are the noncustodial parent and cannot pay child support due to changes in employment, health, or other circumstances, we can assist you with post decree modifications, as well as other strategies to help you avoid being punished for life events outside of your control. Communication is key for both parental parties in order to maintain their children’s financial stability.

Modifying Existing Child Support Orders

While the calculation of child support in your case may be different under the new law, the implementation of this law will not be a sufficient reason to request a modification of an existing child support order. In order to modify child support, you must prove that a significant change has occurred that impacts your ability to pay a previously set amount. Child support payments may increase or decrease due to conditions including:

  • A change to the health of the child, the custodial parent, or the non-custodial parent
  • A change to either parent’s income or employment status
  • A change to the child's needs

We can help initiate and implement a post decree child support modification that will adjust child support payments to the proper amount. Child support is in place for the children’s well-being, and our firm does all we can to ensure that they are protected. We stand up for those who cannot convey their needs and take pride in providing compassionate, professional guidance in every family law situation.

If you are in need of child support assistance, contact Anderson & Associates, P.C. to schedule a free initial consultation. We have offices located in Orland Park, Chicago, Schaumburg, and Wheaton.