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Orland Park Maintenance/Alimony Attorneys

There are options available to you if you have concerns about maintenance. Attorneys at Anderson & Associates, P.C., located in Orland Park, are committed to helping clients with divorce matters, including those seeking or preparing to pay spousal support. We are available to answer any and all questions that may come in the process so you understand what legal situations you are facing. Maintenance negotiations can be emotional and stressful, so we are here to protect your well-being and keep communications between you and your ex-spouse as focused as possible.

Understanding Maintenance

In the state of Illinois, what is often referred to as “alimony” is called spousal maintenance. Maintenance is a regular or lump sum payment from one party to another during or after a divorce. This helps the former spouse make a successful financial transition through a divorce. There are several factors that dictate maintenance awards (Section 504 of the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act, 750 ILCS 5/504), such as:

  • Income and property (marital and non-marital) of each party
  • Established needs of each party
  • Current and future perceived earnings of each party
  • Obstacles to current and future earnings due to life
  • changes
  • Time needed to secure education or employment to improve earnings
  • Which party is the custodial parent
  • Length of the marriage
  • Alimony terms outlined in a marital agreement (i.e. prenuptial/postnuptial)
  • Overall state of each party (i.e. health, age)
  • Tax liabilities of property division

The court weighs many factors to decide maintenance awards and amounts during or after a divorce. Our firm is ready to advocate on both sides of a maintenance issue, whether you are receiving or paying financial support. Though there are some exceptions based on unique circumstances, maintenance is usually temporary and is not intended to be a permanent financial support system.

Conditions of Maintenance

If you are planning to pay or receive maintenance, it is important to think carefully about the conditions of such payments. Consider the following questions when structuring a spousal support agreement:

  • How long will the maintenance payments last?
  • Will maintenance be terminated in the event of remarriage?
Will maintenance be based on a time constraint or accomplishment of a goal?

Whatever your goals may be, our law firm can come up with a plan to successfully represent your needs during a negotiation or court matter. Also, if you find that changes are necessary in the future, we can assist you with a post decree modification.

Be sure to contact us if you need help with spousal maintenance or alimony. From our Orland Park and three other regional offices, we represent clients throughout Illinois including Cook County, DuPage County, Will County and beyond.