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Orland Park Mediation Attorneys

Experienced Will County Mediation Law Firm

Mediation is an increasingly common means of resolving issues in divorces and other family law matters in Illinois. Through mediation, individuals try to avoid some of the costs and frustration associated with litigation by working with a mediator. At Anderson & Associates, P.C., we can provide legal representation as your mediation attorney, ensuring that your interests are protected as you work to resolve these difficult issues.

What is Mediation?

Mediation is an approach to resolving family law and divorce matters without unnecessary litigation. While mediation can be used for an entire divorce proceeding, it can also be used to resolve a single issue such as visitation schedules or custody. In Illinois, there are two types of mediation: independent mediation and court ordered mediation.

  • Independent mediation is mediation that individuals enter into voluntarily
  • Court ordered mediation refers to mediation that a judge mandates before litigation. In Illinois, certain counties have programs for mediation in custody and visitation cases.

Whether you are involved with independent mediation or court ordered mediation, it is in your best interest to seek legal counsel from a local attorney with experience in this area of practice. At Anderson & Associates, P.C., we have several attorneys who have worked on mediation cases in Orland Park and Will County including Christopher J. Maurer, Dennise L. McCann, and Rebecca L. Zeilenga.

What to Expect

When you hire a mediation attorney from Anderson & Associates, P.C., you will be working with someone who knows how to navigate the mediation process and is able to help you identify and achieve reasonable goals. As part of this process, both individuals and their lawyers work with a mediator to try to come to an agreement on the dispute in question, whether that is child support, visitation, child custody, alimony/maintenance, distribution of assets, or another issue. Any information shared during the mediation process is confidential, and cannot be used if the matter ends up in litigation. The mediator serves as a neutral third party who tries to bring both parties to an agreement that works for everyone, while each spouse retains an attorney to ensure that their own interests are protected.

If you would like to hire a lawyer with experience in mediating family law and divorce matters in Will County, contact us at Anderson & Associates, P.C. today. Our offices are located throughout the greater Chicago area, serving clients in Orland Park, Will County, Cook County and beyond.