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Orland Park Post Decree Modification Lawyers

Comprehensive divorce decrees can cover many needed aspects of a divorce at the time of the split, but circumstances of either party or their children can change. When these circumstances change, modifications to the divorce decree should be made. Anderson & Associates, P.C. can assist you in creating post decree modifications that you need for your current lifestyle. We also represent those looking to avoid modifications to their divorce decree.

Different Kinds of Post Decree Modifications

In the state of Illinois, modifications can be made in the follow areas of a divorce decree: child custody, visitation, child support, and maintenance/alimony. For the court to grant post decree modifications, there have to be suitable grounds for a change. These grounds can include:

  • Changes in the financial situations of one or both parties (i.e. job loss or promotion)
  • A change in the marital status of one party
  • Changes in the educational or medical needs of a dependent children
  • Concern for the security and well-being of dependent children
  • Desire of one parent to move to a different location
  • Preferences of older children in respect to custody arrangements

The calmest and most cost-effective way to modify a divorce decree is through negotiation with both parties, but this is not always possible. Post decree modifications can often times be more difficult than the original divorce agreement. Our attorneys can represent your best interests and ensure your children are protected too.

Post Decree Enforcement

Legal action can be required if a former spouse does not comply with the original divorce decree set forth. If your ex-spouse is not paying child support or alimony in a full and timely manner, we can provide the representation you need to get things done. Also, if you ex-spouse is interfering with your parenting rights (dates or times specified in your divorce decree), our family law attorneys can help you. We can assist in the enforcement of orders through petitioning for wage garnishment or other court-enforced consequences.

If you need assistance with post decree medication or enforcement, please contact us to schedule a free initial consultation. We can help you from our convenient location in Orland Park, or any of our three other regional offices.