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Orland Park Postnuptial Agreement Lawyers

A lot of couples make the decision for a prenuptial agreements to divide financial assets and obligations before marriage. But, postnuptial agreements can also be made after a couple says, "I do." Postnuptial agreements between two married partners are made to define marital assets, debts, and financial responsibilities. Our attorneys can assist spouses in creating postnuptial agreements that include everything our clients need. We work with both husbands and wives and make sure we protect our clients' interests above all else.

When Postnuptial Agreements Are Enforceable

Sometimes couples plan on a prenuptial agreement, but do not get the time to plan out the details before they get married. A postnuptial agreement can solve this problem after a couple is legally wed. Even if a prenuptial agreement was signed, a postnuptial contract can help you under extenuating circumstances. Couples can make clear their financial obligations in the following instances:

  • One or both spouses start or invest in a business
  • One spouse would like to make a dicey financial venture
  • One spouse inherits a large amount of money
  • One spouse acquires an asset that has sentimental value
  • One spouse has children or grandchildren from a previous affiliation

Married couples can choose to contract a postnuptial agreement during problematic times to make each other's financial situation equal while seeking help for their marriage. Postnuptial agreements can also be drafted when couples legally separate but are not looking to divorce right away. No matter the situation, Anderson & Associates, P.C. can help you write up and negotiate a postnuptial agreement that protects your interests.

Find out more about postnuptial agreements and how our attorneys can help you. Contact us to schedule an initial consultation. Our Orland Park office is located at the Orland Park Executive Tower at 15255 S. 94th Avenue, Suite 500, Orland Park, Illinois. We also have four other regional Chicago offices that are available to assist you in your area.