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Orland Park Prenuptial Agreement Lawyers

"Prenups" (or prenuptial agreements) are written contracts between two parties who are getting married. These types of contracts list each person's assets/debts and define each party's property rights if a marriage ends in divorce or death. Maintenance/alimony rights can also be included in these contracts, though each state governs their own prenuptial agreement laws. The Illinois Uniform Premarital Agreement Act covers prenuptial laws in Illinois. Our attorneys are well versed in assisting clients in drafting and negotiating prenuptial agreements. At Anderson & Associates, P.C., we also have experience in defending prenuptial agreements in divorce cases.

What You Need to Know About Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial Agreements are no longer just for very wealthy individuals. Nowadays, many couples are creating prenuptial agreements to define and protect their interests prior to entering into marriage. We recommend these instances where a prenuptial agreement can be useful:

  • High-value assets
  • Prior marriages
  • Children from previous relationships
  • Business interests (predominantly family business)
  • Expectations of significant inheritance

We advise clients interested in marriage to make plans to protect their financial interests. In Illinois, all property gained during a marriage belongs to both spouses and would be equally divided in the event of a divorce. If you wish to keep any marital property from a settlement during a divorce, a prenuptial agreement is recommended.

Experienced Prenuptial Agreement Legal Counsel

Prenuptial agreements can be hard to challenge since they are enforceable contracts, but there are ways around this. An ex-spouse must prove that the agreement was not entered in voluntarily or that the agreement is invalid. If a prenup does not disclose full financial obligations of one party, this can be used to help prove it was not a lawful contract.

If you are considering a prenuptial agreement or are involved in a divorce where the prenuptial agreement is in question, contact us to schedule a free initial consultation. From our Orland Park office, or one of the other four regional Chicago offices, we can help.