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While death is a subject that few people wish to contemplate, it is important for almost everyone to plan for what should happen after they die. By taking the time to determine how your property and assets will be distributed to your loved ones and who will care for your minor children in the event of your death, you can save your family members a great deal of difficulty and make sure that your wishes are carried out correctly. Setting these wishes down in a last will and testament will ensure that there is no confusion about what you want, and it will allow you to provide your family with the financial resources they need after your death.

At Anderson and Associates, P.C. our attorneys understand the legal requirements that must be followed when creating a will, and we can work with you to create an estate plan that protects your assets and meets your family's needs.

What a Will Should Include

Your last will and testament should address how you want your affairs handled after you die. A will can contain a variety of provisions, including:

  • How your estate (the assets you own) will be distributed to your beneficiaries. Beneficiaries can be individuals or organizations, such as charities.
  • Who will act as the guardian for minor children. The person named will be responsible for raising your children and caring for them until they reach adulthood. In addition, a person can be named to manage the assets left to minor children until they become adults.
  • Who will act as the executor of your estate. This person will be responsible for administering your estate after your death, including distributing your assets to your heirs, paying any outstanding debts, filing tax returns for your estate, and paying income taxes or estate taxes. Your will can specify how much authority your executor has and what decisions they can or cannot make regarding your estate.

What Happens if I Die Without a Will?

If you have not created a valid will before your death, the court will divide your estate according to Illinois statutes. Your property will be divided equally between your surviving spouse and your children or other descendants, and if you do not have a spouse or children, it will go to your other family members. If no family members can be identified, your estate will become the property of the State of Illinois.

If you have minor children, and you have not specified a guardian for them in your will, the court will appoint someone to serve as their legal guardian. Having a valid will in place before your death can help avoid any disputes over the inheritance of your property and the guardianship of your children.

Contact an Orland Park Estate Planning Lawyer

While setting down your wishes may seem to be a straightforward process, a skilled attorney can help you do so in a way that ensures that your assets will be distributed correctly without causing any legal issues for your heirs or the executor of your estate. The skilled attorneys of Anderson and Associates, P.C. can work with you to create a will that meets all legal requirements and provides for your family after your death. Contact our office today at 708-226-9904 to schedule a consultation with our Tinley Park estate planning attorneys. We provide legal help to families in Homer Glen, Mokena, Oak Forest, Palos Heights, and throughout Cook and Will Counties.

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