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Depending on the nature of your divorce, collaborative law can be the ideal approach to dissolving your marriage in a fair and efficient manner. Collaborative divorces use cooperative techniques to achieve the goals of both parties involved, avoiding some of the conflict and hostility that can characterize traditional divorces. At Anderson and Associates, P.C., we have the experience necessary to guide you through this process as your Cook County collaborative divorce lawyers.

What is Collaborative Divorce?

When you chose to pursue a collaborative divorce, your attorney will work with you, your spouse, and your spouse's attorney to resolve issues without involving a court or judges until the final stages, eliminating the costs associated with a lengthy trial and litigation. Your attorney's primary purpose is to represent your interests in the negotiation, and the divorce only goes before a judge once an agreement has been reached. Often, this results in a divorce proceeding that is less contentious and less costly for the individuals involved.

How Does Collaborative Divorce Work?

When our clients choose to pursue a collaborative divorce, they hire a lawyer who will represent them as they negotiate with their spouse. Their spouse also retains an attorney, and the attorneys work with each other and their clients to resolve all of the issues involved in the dissolution of marriage. Some of the common issues that arise during these proceedings include child custody/allocation of parental responsibilities, visitation/parenting time agreements, child support, maintenance/alimony, and division of property. Often, the process can involve other specialists who can offer knowledge on financial matters or the best interests of the child or children involved. At Anderson and Associates, P.C., our clients find knowledgeable and experienced collaborative law attorneys who will help them set and achieve reasonable goals.

Collaborative Divorce is Not the Right Choice for Everyone

A collaborative divorce only works if both parties involved want to avoid conflict and are looking for a quick, peaceful resolution to their concerns. Both individuals must be cooperative and fully disclose any and all relevant information. If either spouse decides that this will not work for them, both attorneys must remove themselves from the divorce and the process starts anew as a traditional divorce.

If you are looking for guidance from a Cook County law firm with experience in collaborative law and collaborative divorces, contact us at 708-226-9904. At Anderson and Associates, P.C., we have four offices, allowing us to serve clients throughout Chicago and the surrounding suburbs including Cook County, Will County, and Orland Park.

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