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How Can I Modify My Child Support Order Post-Divorce?

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Orland Park Child Support Lawyer

Financial circumstances can change dramatically from the time a couple divorces through when their children turn 18 years old. One or both parents may get new jobs or become unemployed. Either parent may get a raise or take a pay cut. Any of these factors, along with numerous others, can affect the parents’ levels of responsibility for providing support for their children. 

In addition, something may happen that changes the needs of a child and leads to their care being either more or less expensive. Child support may be modified or even eliminated completely, depending on the circumstances.

How Often Can I Request a Support Modification?

Support cases may be reviewed and possibly modified every three years. However, if there has been a major change in the income of either or both parents, or in the needs of the child or children, then a review may be conducted prior to the end of that time period.

What Changes May Warrant a Modification?

There are a number of factors that go into figuring child support amounts. The income of both parents is a determining factor. The number of children and the amount of time they spend with each parent is also important. Whether one party pays spousal maintenance may also be considered, along with whether either party has other children with a different co-parent. 

Additional monetary considerations include which parent is paying for a child's or children’s health insurance, childcare, and other expenses, such as sports, art classes, clubs, and other extracurricular activities. 

How Does Child Support Modification Work?

After a parent files for a change in support, the case will be reviewed. Both parties are required to disclose income, and other pertinent factors will be addressed. Your attorney can help ensure you provide complete and accurate information and that you adequately express why the changes are necessary. A support amount will be recalculated as needed, and if both parties do not agree to the new amount, a hearing will be scheduled.

Ask a Tinley Park Divorce Modification Attorney 

The dedicated attorneys at Anderson & Associates, P.C. are experienced in child support and other critical family law matters. Contact a knowledgeable Orland Park child support attorney to discuss your options for modifications. Call 708-226-9904 today to set up a free consultation.





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