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Is Divorce Mediation Right for Me?

Posted on in Divorce

Orland Park mediation attorneysWhen divorce goes from probability to certainty for a couple, thoughts of a prolonged court battle and potential financial difficulties often come to mind. For soon-to-be-ex spouses who want to avoid those scenarios, mediation is a potential solution that can also foster a positive partnership moving forward.

What is Divorce Mediation?

Divorce mediation is a voluntary process that lets couples discuss and plan their futures in respectful joint cooperation. By using a trained divorce mediator, you can achieve a divorce settlement that benefits both parties while maintaining control throughout. It is available for married couples and domestic partners, regardless of income level or if children and custody are involved.

Intense emotions are understandable during divorce. You do not have to be 100 percent amicable to go through mediation. You simply need to enter into the process willing to negotiate in good faith. 

Why Divorce Mediation?

Those who successfully complete mediation often cite numerous positives when compared to a litigated divorce. It typically costs less, takes less time, encourages communication and cooperation, and reduces combativeness that can affect children.

For some, the cost factor is paramount. Instead of both sides hiring attorneys and paying additional court costs, you pay the mediator alone to facilitate the process, which usually lasts a matter of months instead of up to multiple years for full litigation.

Mediators do not give direct legal advice. They provide legal information so the parties can make informed decisions together. If either side feels they need to seek advice from an outside attorney, they can do so at any time.

The mediator’s goal is to find common ground and interests between the parties involved and provide a comfortable environment in which decisions can be reached so that everyone is in the best possible position, post-divorce. 

How Does Divorce Mediation Work?

Both parties meet with the mediator to reach agreements on child custody, visitation, child support, alimony, division of assets and all other applicable matters. Once decisions are finalized, the mediator draws up the necessary legal documents, then it can be signed and filed with the court.

Even if a couple begins litigation with separate attorneys, if they decide mediation is a better option, they may switch at their discretion. 

Contact an Orland Park Mediation Attorney

Divorce does not have to be a protracted and costly adversarial conflict. If you think mediation is the best decision for you and your family, contact our Orland Park divorce lawyers at 708-226-9904 for a free consultation to discuss your divorce questions in Cook County and DuPage County.





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